Tuesday, October 19, 2010

hannah & justin

This just so happens to be my sis-in-law. I met Hannah eight years ago when her brother decided to bring me home to meet his family. Hannah was in eighth grade, played soccer, clarinet and loved drama. She was a tough cookie, always getting thrown around by her older brothers, but you could tell they meant the world to her. I have had the honor of watching her blossom into such a beautiful lady inside and out. I am constantly amazed by her talents and her way with words.

I remember the first time I heard about Justin. Hannah was a little shy speaking of him so I knew it was more than a fling. Over the years I've watched how Justin treats Hannah. You know older siblings are always skeptical :). I have to say, he is her match. Their love for each other is evident in all that they do. I am so happy Justin is joining the family.

Take a look at their e-session sneak peek.

I told you she was gorgeous.

Congrats you two!

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  1. Love the pictures! Congratulations Hannah and good job Jess!