Sunday, May 1, 2011

mr. & mrs.

Susan got my information during a bridal show almost a year ago. She called and we met up for frozen yogurt for a consultation. I instantly new we would be a good match and was thrilled when she called back to book me. I remember noticing how organized she was yet she didn't seem like the bridezilla type. I was impressed.

They got married on Friday which means they followed the royal wedding. I must admit I am glad this was the wedding I was at. What's a wedding without passionate kisses, an occasional butt grab and a lot of laughter? Susan and Chris put royalty to shame :)

The whole day was simply perfect. The bridesmaids were sweet, helpful and gorgeous. The groomsmen were hilarious, relaxed and the life of the party. The weather was sunny with a breeze. The decor was planned down to every detail... BUT the best part was a stunning bride who beamed with love and pride and her handsome groom who couldn't peel his eyes off of her. There are just some couples you don't worry about. This is one of them. They have a love that will last. Congrats Susan and Chris!

What a beautiful beginning to such a beautiful love.

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