Tuesday, October 18, 2011

growing love

This family inspires me. They make me want to be a better mom, wife and daughter.

Bonnie (the mom) is simply incredible. Her attitude towards motherhood drives me. She enjoys her children so much. She never seems flustered. She adores her kids and they adore her. She melts in her husbands arms. The joy the Kavali's have is contagious.
I had the opportunity to shoot her and Nicks wedding a couple years back and then I did family portraits last year with Jack (the new addition). This year the new addition is growing in her belly. I cannot think of a better woman to take on this challenge.
Nick, he's a gentle spirit that was born to be a father and husband. He is leading his family in this wonderful adventure with such grace.
The girls - I just pray my girls turn out to be like them. They are so respectful, beautiful inside and out AND think Bonnie and Nick are the greatest. It's not common for middle school girls to feel that way about their parents. What a blessing!
Little Jack is on the go. He's ready to explore the world. He's energetic, cute, happy and has a family that thinks everything he does is wonderful.
Belly Bump- You are so cute. You have given your mama an amazing glow. You are loved beyond words. I can't wait to meet you.
Take a sneak peek at the Kavali's.

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