Wednesday, December 21, 2011

ashley + jeremy = Mr.& Mrs. O'Hearn

He swept her off her feet with his gentle, humble character and dreamy eyes. She melted his heart with her southern charm, sweet spirit and stunning beauty.  Their love is comfortable but still refreshing and exciting.  On December 18, 2011 a fairytale between a marine and his bride came to life.
Check out the O'Hearn's sneak peek.
Thank you to the wonderful Katey Penton for ALWAYS doing such a outstanding job second shooting.



  1. Oh my goodness, this is so beautiful :') <3 I swear, you capture the most amazing shots! Man, I wish you could shoot my big wedding x__X

  2. This is a great group of photos. The only problem is that his medals are out of order and that other Marine should have corrected the groom.

    1. Anonymous, thank you for the compliment, however if you're going to make a snide comment at least have the guts to state your name. Get a life motard.

  3. I actually used to know the bride! I just wanted to say that these pictures are amazing and caught her beauty! she looks so happy, you can see the love between them!