Thursday, February 9, 2012

be mine?

It was a trial run to see if I can pull off some Valentine's mini sessions next year.  I have this friend, Loria who is just good for me.  I'm more myself with her than a lot of people.  She knows I'm crazy but somehow sticks around.  She's a fabulous art teacher and owns her own business, stringbean creations.  We started bouncing ideas off each other and before we knew it we had pinned a whole board of ideas and were ready to start crafting.  Loria often talks about her dear friend, Sarah Jane. Sarah Jane is also a incredibly talented business owner.  She owns Magpie, which is a handmade headpiece/headband/hat business.  She was a must for this shoot and I'm pretty sure for many of my shoots to come.

Here are a couple of the shots.  Let me know if you'd be interested in a session next year.


  1. these are so precious! You have captured a lot of sweetness in these photographs! I had so much fun and so glad you are crazy too...just makes me seem not so crazy!

  2. Oh this is just wayyyyy tooooo cuteeeeee!