Friday, March 30, 2012

erin + jesse + the bump

Babies are such a blessing.  A love that you never knew you could have.  I love shooting expectant parents because their emotions of excitement and anxiety are so evident.  If I've learned one thing as a mom, babies will always give you split feelings.  They are the most challenging thing you'll ever experience BUT the most wonderful, most rewarding, most precious experience you could ever have.  There is nothing like being a parent.  It will bring happy tears to your eyes with just a simple thought. 
I remember when this pretty mama was just a little girl herself.   She has grown into a beautiful, bubbly, happy lady who loves her two men (Jesse and baby). Erin and Jesse are in for a treat. This little boy is going to fill their hearts with such joy.  
If you can't tell below... he simply adores her :)
Take a sneak peek at this gorgeous couple and their cute baby bump.


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