Saturday, June 23, 2012


My first day of my first year of teaching I had this gorgeous senior in two of my intro classes.  Most of my students were freshman and I could tell she was not as excited about her surroundings as I wished she'd be.  I knew she was the one I'd have to win over.  It didn't take long before I had myself a buddy. She was intriguing. In some settings she was the quiet girl who sipped on her starbucks and did her work but in other settings she would surprise serenade the class with her beautiful voice standing tall on a table.  She was just what I needed that first year.  Someone to spice things up.  She sure has been blessed with talent in the arts, both visually and vocally. Plus she ain't no eye sore. She makes me miss teaching.
Meet Janna.  She's the life of a party in a laid back, witty kind of way. You'll feel a little bit cooler by knowing her.

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  1. What a stunning woman! Great pics as always Jess. xo