Tuesday, April 2, 2013

E squared

   It's not everyday that you meet a mother daughter team this strong.  Elle and Emma have an extremely beautiful story.  A story that begins with a 20 year old, sorority girl that has a heart too big for her chest. Elle thought she was simply helping her friend from work with an unplanned pregnancy but what ended up happening was something only God could plan. From the time Emma was born Elle could feel this was her baby and that God had positioned her in the perfect circumstances to receive this gift of a child.   
   Elle is such a natural mama.  She knows exactly how to guide her baby through this world in a loving, encouraging, supportive way.  Her life beams with a love that can only come from our Heavenly father.  She exudes a confidence that is the perfect example for any young girl.  Her beauty  shines bright.
   Emma has such a joyful spirit. A child that knows how to entertain and make you laugh. She's sassy and loving. A girl that knows she was fearfully and wonderfully made. Gorgeous inside and out. She truly is a blessing in every way.
   Meet E squared.  They are life changing.

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