Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sara & Brian

Brian and my husband go way back. Like way back to awkward high school days. I had the privilege of getting to know "grooms" in my early college days. He is the guy that ALWAYS brightens your day. The guy that makes you feel good about yourself. The gentleman that's heart is bigger than his chest. What a blessing that this man found Sara for his partner in life. I always knew who Sara was in college because she is stunning. Can't really miss that but I was a nerdy art kid. You know the ones that wear panted on aprons, crazy hair and spend all night in a creepy old photo building just to develop one perfect print. I wasn't near cool enough to cross her path. SO when I got to meet her through Brian I was so excited. I knew that if Brian was in love with her there must be something amazing behind that pretty face. I was right on this one. This chick is sweet, funny, joyful and welcoming. I instantly felt like an old friend. This marriage couldn't make me an happier. 

So Tuesday before the wedding I was told by my doctor that I needed to be off my feet. I immediately said, "I can't, I'm shooting a wedding Saturday." The dr. felt bad for me but told me I needed to find someone else. Truly a photographer's worst nightmare. I went into a little panic mode. Thankfully my trusty, amazingly talented friend, Audra Starr was second shooting this one with me. However, I needed to find some more help.  I started searching my photo friends. I found Greta, from the hip. She was so willing to step in an help a sister out.  I cannot express how grateful I am for these two ladies.  So like the pros they are they jumped in and took this rainy day on like a charm.  

Check out Mr. & Mrs. Grooms sneak peek!

Photographers: Audra Starr , From the Hip
Director: Jill McAllister with Honey Bee Occasions
Venue: Decatur Historic Courthouse


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  1. Oh my goodness, these are beautiful & it just fills our hearts with job for Brian & Sara. May all of their days be blessed & all of their dreams come true! Love ya, William & Michele