Tuesday, April 19, 2011

ashley & ryan

They met tailgating for a UGA game. She meandered her way down to where he was set up and they have never been the same since.
We shot in Athens. We started out at the railroad tracks because it is right where they first met. I'm not a railroad tracks kind of photographer, but I think I was able to make them symbolic without cheesy.

We walked around downtown for a bit

Headed to the UGA campus and played a little game. I asked them several questions which they then wrote their answers on a chalkboard. They were not allowed to tell each other their answers. This answer was to the question, "What is one thing that your love does that you never want them to stop?"

Loved it. I will make you wait a little longer for the other answers ;)

and then we ended at the famous sanford stadium.

can't wait to finish editing this bunch AND shoot your wedding.

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  1. most awesome photos of my favorite people...wow...these are billboard envy...aunt pam