Monday, April 11, 2011

party of four

My husband is wonderful. I am so proud of him in so many ways. One way is because of the work he does. Noah is a nurse. (Yes, murse...and we do call him focker). All joking aside. He is a wonderful nurse. He is always trying to learn. He truly does care for his patients and I know he must bring sunshine on their rainy day.

Bonnie is one of Noah's co-workers. We have been trying to get together for a while now but weather has just permitted. She has a wonderful husband (Tommy) and two beautiful daughters, Kenzie and Addie. It was so fun watching this family interact and love on each other. What a special relationship they have. It reminded me of being a little girl. I have an older sister and there is nothing that beats a sister. You girls are in for a treat.

Take a look at the Miller's sneak peek. I loved getting a glimpse of how your family operates.

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