Monday, September 26, 2011

Ashley + Ryan = Hitched

A true fairy tale. The dress was amazing, the flowers were perfect, the feathers were dramatic, the details were intricate, the weather could not have been better, the church was white and grand, the Wimbish House was cozy and elaborate, the dancing was lively, the getaway car was straight out of a movie, the bride was breathtaking, the groom was handsome and adoring and the love was romantic, passionate, sweet and pure. All their hard work paid off and created the perfect atmosphere for the beginning of their life as bride and groom. Congrats Ashley and Ryan. Take a sneak peek at their beautiful day.

thank you stringbean creations for the precious banner.

I love the bride and grooms expressions in the background of the following image.

A big thanks to Loria Crews for second shooting.


  1. Incredible, Jess! All of us bridesmaids can't wait to see more. It was so nice to meet you and thanks again for being great to work with!


  2. The most beautiful pictures I've ever happy your Brides and Grooms must be when they get their photos surely capture the moments to relive again and again,,well done!